In Our Names

Paula Keezer, March 25, 2003


Smell of orange candle         flickering light         soothing somber minds.


Beating drums of red           relentlessly preparing for war.


Commander and chief giving green light            to strokes of luck.


Computer glowing blue         reflecting from pensive pale skin.


Mushroom clouds bursting yellow above Bagdad buildings.


Towering infernos        of black seething soot         seeping from scorched earth.


Ghastly ghosts of green         igniting night vision eyes.


Flags of white          waiting in alleys of ambush.


Trails of scarlet            lingering life clinging to their loved ones.



Alerts of orange inflicting endless arrays of terror.


Suites of blue leaders            blasting bloody babble.


Two tone      brown starred        soldiers         speaking senseless syllables.


Embedded gray faced news                reporting vivid views of horror.


Bags of black         concealing death bourn         by grim faced uniforms.


Childless mothers       of bone dead bodies         wearing last words.


All in the name of amber waves       purple mountains       and fruited plains.



Copyright Paula Keezer, 2003