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†††††††††††† Kings Canyon September 2004

†††††††††††† Swimming hole trip August 2004

†††††††††††† Motogirlies Cabin Run August 2004

†††††††††††† Cascades Trip July 2004

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Those who are willing to exchange freedom for security deserve neither. -- Ben Franklin

The weekend before Baja I froze on the Green River.† The Baja waters were sooo warm compared to water that had just been snow!† Enough complaining.† Iím preparing to get even colder!† My white water course with WKC is just around the corner.† Knowing this, I picked up a white water kayak called a Dagger RPM.† Rick, the previous owner, had used this boat for years and it has lots of good Karma.†

On the motorcycle side, I returned to SF for a weekend to catch up with friends and fix up some things at my San Francisco home.† Craig and I went to see a couple of movies. Ultra Violet (donít go see this movie) and ďthe worlds fastest IndianĒ (do go see this move).† In between movies I managed to get my Ducati started (dead battery but rechargeable) and my DL1000 which started with out a hitch.† My DRZ on the other hand was dead dead.† The battery would not hold a charge.† Something for next trip.†

The rest of the month was an accelerated search for a home in Seattle as my time was running out at my luxury apartment!.

To that end, I found a nice little place (well, not so little) in Phinney Ridge, part of North Seattle but still only a few minutes away from work.†

Dang, I have to get out on my bike!!



Baja Yaker: The story

Last month I mentioned I was writing a little story about my Baja adventure.† So, here it is!† A bit long for some but I just couldnít resist telling the story!

El Norte, formed by a high pressure system centered on San Diego with a steep pressure gradient down the length of the Baja peninsula and the Sea of Cortez.† Itís a few days before the full moon and this 800 mile long and 70 mile wide sea has an extreme high and low tide, but during this part of the moonís cycle, it occurs only once during the day.† The currents are not particularly strong.† They can reach one or two knots during this part of the Sea of Cortez tidal cycle.† Its early afternoon and the current is moving north, opposite of the wind.† The wind has been slowly building from the pressure gradient and is reached past 40 knots.† The 500 mile fetch from San Felipe to Loreto has created large swells and high chop.† The swells roll over the north moving current and build, six to eight feet with the tops of the swells collapsing and being blown to bits by El Norte.† The sea was a giant froth of white and green.


Earlier that day, the seas were glass smooth, the moon had set, Venus shown brightly and reflected off of the water like an inlaid silver walkway, a faint wisp of sky dust spread to the south hinting at the Milky Way.† There was not a breath of air.† Perfect for an eight mile crossing from Isla Coronados to the north tip of Isla Carmen. (continued)

Baja Yaker: El Norte

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