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From: Paula (Seattle)† To: Deb (some where along the east coast of Baja)

Subject: Re: Fw: Loreto


Hi Deb, Iíve been checking various outfitters in Loreto but they donít seem to be interested in renting kayaks much less delivering me to Mulege.† Iím thinking Iíll just fly into Loreto on Feb 5th and play it by ear.† Hopefully you will get into Loreto sometime that week and we can connect.† As a backup to yaking, Iím checking out a possible PADI (scuba) instruction.† Iím sure something will work out either way.† Anyhow, I bought the tickets!



From: Deb† (coast of Baja) To: Paula (Seattle)

Subject Re: Fw: Loreto


Hey Paula, OK, Loreto Feb 5-12.† A friend rented a boat there last year and Iím working him for the details.† He said he didnít remember a thing except that he found it just walking around town.† Most of the outfitters are pretty nervous about renting out their kayaks after the accident.† A woman went out, ignoring warning of an El Norte wind coming in, and drowned.† She had lots of gear and was even on the radio for 12 hours, but they couldnít locate her in the blow.† So, it may take some convincing to get a boat.† I'm psyched you're coming and appreciate that you're not getting all freaked out about finding a boat.  Looking forward to seeing you, thanks for going for it- deb


Baja Yaker: Risky business

The Kayaking outfitters around Loreto were very much on edge after losing this kayker to El Norte in January.† It was a classic case of numerous things going wrong and stacking up .† The sea is risky business.

She had a well provisioned and packed kayak. Years of paddling experience and plenty of safety gear including a vhf radio.. El Norte was predicted but not till late afternoon and it would build slowly helping propel her to Isla Carmen, the risk was low and she preferred the isolation of Isla Carmen during the blow then the crowd of the mainland.† So, she set off, disregarding all the warnings of the unpredictability of El Norte.

Baja Yaker: El Norte (continued)

Baja Yaker: The Travel Plan!

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