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This reminds Paula of a 1940’s movie

Those who are willing to exchange freedom for security deserve neither. -- Ben Franklin

in front of the airport and a bus ‘coordinator asks Paula if she would like a ride.  “Quantas?” she sez in poor Spanish   “You go to Loreto?”  “Cee” “Five dollar, fifty”.  The coordinator points at a driver who rushes up to help Paula with her pack and points at the front seat. “What  hotel?”  “Quinta San Francisco”.  “Ah cee, on the Playa”  “Gracias”.


Playa Loreto, Loreto, Baja – Feb 5, 2003 14:00

Kent and Dianne, a retired couple, stand on their beach condo  patio watching Deb methodically un-pack her kayak.

“Where have you paddled from?”  Kent asks.

 “I started in San Felipe last December but just finished my Mulege to Loreto leg.  I’m hoping to meet a friend here in Loreto, she is flying in from Seattle!”

“San Felipe.  That’s quite a trip.  Were you out on the water when that lady kayaker drowned?”

 “I heard about that. No I was further north and taking a break during that blow.”

 Dianne inquires:  “Would you like something to drink?  You look exhausted; when you get your gear taken care of you should come and sit down for a moment.”

 “Thanks so much, but I really need to find an Internet Café to see if my friend has left me any messages”

Kent brightens up.  “We have Internet here!  Why don’t you come on in and check to see if your friend is in town?  If she hasn’t arrived yet why don’t you stay at our place!”  Dianne looks a little apprehensive, after all, Deb is in a wet suit and looking pretty ah, outdoorsy!

“Wow that would be great!  I’ll take you up on the Internet but I think I’m going to stay in town one way or the other.”


Internet message:

From: Paula To: Deb

Okay, I arrive in  Loreto around 3:30 on  Feb 5 and have two nights booked at the Hotel Quinta San Francisco.  Come by the Hotel and if I’m not there leave me a message and where I can find you!  I’ll poke around Loreto, find an Internet café and check for messages.  I also want to see if I can find a kayak on Sunday afternoon or Monday.  See you soon!


“She’s here!”  Deb’s hands fly across the keyboard poking

Baja Yaker:  Karmic beginnings

I thrive on loose plans!  Get on an airplane with just a few things and go!  My trips like New Zealand, Costa Rica and Baja were like this.  It creates a real sense of adventure

Playa Loreto, Loreto, Baja – Feb 5, 2006 13:31

A lone kayaker, black wet suite, black stocking hat holding down a baseball cap that secures a short braid of red hair approaches the protected beach  Her tanned face, partially covered by much needed sun glasses can’t  hide a bright smile as her bicycle glove protected hands power paddles onto the beach of rounded stones and sand.  An air of satisfaction fills Deb as she finishes this four day sprint from Mulege and reaches a much needed rest stop during her 600 mile Baja cost paddle.  She thinks to herself, “Now, how the heck am I going to find Paula?”.


Loreto International Airport, Baja – Feb 5, 2006 15:35

A Tiva shod, tall red head of medium length hair and fair skin, wonders out of the airport security zone.  The ‘International’ airport, is a small building with a grass covered roof and open air windows.  This reminds Paula of a 1940’s movie.  Her kaki convertible pocket pants and form fitting blue striped sleeveless top fits well in this cabana style airport.  She secures her ‘papers’ into a backpack pocket swings the pack onto her right shoulder grabbing a small cylindrical compressed tent bag and heads out the front door.  White SUV style vans with huge baggage racks are lined up

Baja Yarer: Meeting up

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