Paula Keezer Outdoor Adventure Girl!

”I wonder if Deb made it in before the rough water”

Those who are willing to exchange freedom for security deserve neither. -- Ben Franklin

She sits down on a bench looking pretty tired.


“Not likely but that could be Deb”    After all , I just got here a half hour ago.   Walking across the street, Paula approaches the backpacker “That’s a pretty big pack!” the stranger looks up and a big smile crosses her face “Paula?  Wow, where did you come from!”

Hugs and smiles and lots of surprise ensue!

“I’m just across the street, come on, your staying here tonight.  Lets get that big pack of yours stowed away”


Slowly, the trip on a wing and a prayer unfolds with a Karmic sense of rightness as one thing after another just fall in place!

Baja Yaker: Old Mexico

Make no mistake, Loreto is a city.  A small one by US standards, and it’s entire retail area is easily walked in an hour or so.  The retail area is also the oldest part of the city with cobblestone streets and that distinctly dusty dry feeling.  Everything moves very slow and if you are wondering about between 1 and 4 then you are likely to be pretty lonely!

out a quick message.  Looking at Kent, “I’ve got to head into town.  Do you know where this Quinta San Francisco is”

Kent scratches his chin “I’m pretty sure it’s along the playa road.  Just head into town then walk along the beach road, Quinta San Francisco should be down by the Marina break water.”


“Cool!  I’ll be back in a day or so,  Thanks so much for the water and the Internet!”


Beach road, Playa Loreto,  Loreto, Baja 16:15


I’ve just finished a quick recon of Loreto, doing a circle out the playa road, through the shop and restaurant district and back to the playa road and the hotel.  White caps are playing on the sea and a wind is building from the north.  “I wonder if Deb made it in before this rough water”.  Scanning the walkway along the beach, I note several Mexicans dozing on the benches and a somewhat out of place woman with a large green back pack that looks like it might double as a dry bag.   The woman is a gringo and is walking slowly towards the break water by the Marina. 

Baja Yaker: Provisioning and Outfitting

Monday was a windy day right from the start.  The sea, just outside our hotel window was  a boil, rough, with white caps.  Not a pleasant place to be if you are out on the water..  Fortunately Deb and I had some kayak searching to do and some provisioning to accomplish.


I did manage to locate one kayak for sure, not my first choice but gave us both confidence that we should start stocking up on all of the supplies we would need for a five day four night trip.  Later that Monday, I returned to the outfitter that I wanted to rent from.  Dolphin Diving.  A young Mexican, Rafa was inside and I inquired about renting one of the yaks that were stored in his yard.  With some yak talk and a phone call in Spanish, Rafa turned to me and offered the yak I was looking for, for thirty dollars a day.  “done deal!”.

Rafa was great.  Although he is not the owner of the yaks, he handles the business aspects for a Canadian based kayak outfitter.  The outfitters tour guides came by to check Deb and I out,  Two very young (could be my children!) guides, Hillary and Joel were really excited about chatting it up with Deb about her amazing trip from San Felipe.  They both gave us lots of local information about the area and helped us make choices on our beach camp sites on the Islands and what wild life we should be looking for.


“There are lots of papers”  Rafa sez to me (where have I heard that!)  “But I will take care of all of them for you.  Come by at 8:00 in the morning and I’ll help you get the kayak down to the beach so you can pack and I will take care of the papers”  (I know I’ve heard that somewhere before).

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