Paula Keezer Outdoor Adventure Girl!

“what do you think?” Deb looks at me with a smile

Those who are willing to exchange freedom for security deserve neither. -- Ben Franklin


Deb paddles in between sets and as the breaking swell catches up with her she back paddles to keep from surfing.  Good technique and my guess is that she has not spilt the goods once in her entire trip.


Being an adventurous sort with fewer brain cells,  I decide I’m going for the surf close in.  I wait until I know the last of the big waves have roll by and paddle like crazy.  The few smaller waves pass right under me then I hear the one I know is coming.  It breaks behind me leaving a nice zone of white water rushing towards me.  It lifts my stern up, I give a bit of a nudge forward and jam my paddle into the water for a brace and rudder control as the wave launches me forward.  Miraculously I keep the bow heading straight into the beach without being buried by the water (say lean back, lean back!) and my thoughts are focused on scrambled eggs!  The energy peters out and I get a little sideways, brace and surf the rest of the way into the shallow water.  Little did I know all the eyes that had been watching this!


We camp at the eastern side of the beach by the ‘big rock’ just above the high tide mark.  The wind dies down and seas become calm.  Deb cooks up a dinner. A couple of visitors come down the beach to find out who these crazy women kayakers were.  They were watching from the top of the rock as we came in and congratulated me on a great surf ride!  A nearly full moon lights our campsite and we start on our Tequila and wash down some vitamin I.  Time to crash as we are pretty tired.  The lapping of the waves as the tide comes in is all we hear that evening.  No pack dogs to wake us up!

Baja Yaker: Heading out to sea

place to land for lunch and a break from the rocking swells.  I don’t want to admit it, but I have a slight feeling of queasiness which I quench with much needed water I have forgotten to drink.  Three more miles and we finally come to a beach of rounded rocks with a nice sand bar that breaks down the swells and gently pushes us onto the smooth rocky shore.

A quick lunch break, organic trash dispersal and we are launching across the sandbar paddling hard into the breaking waves.  Once clear of the sandbar we notice that the numbers of swells with their tops getting tipped by the wind have increased.  I begin counting seconds in sets so that I know when the larger swells are upon us.  Deb and I consult and we decide to camp on the mainland as the seas are just a bit high for a crossing to Danzante.  We decide that Juancalito is our best beach spot as the next beach is around a point where we can see the swell crashing onto the rocks, the wind has been funneled into something a bit more then we want to deal with!


Juancalito is an arch shaped beach that faces north.  The swell breaks in a very well defined pattern straight on to the beach.  The trick will be to land without scrambling the eggs!


“what do you think?” Deb looks at me with a smile. I look back and say “Well lets do it, you go first and I’ll watch the expert!”  “pahh, thanks, here goes”.

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