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Sweet paradise

Those who are willing to exchange freedom for security deserve neither. -- Ben Franklin

Baja Yaker: Punta Baja


It is early in the day but we just lay back in the soft south eastern breeze and let the sun filter through the palm leafs.    I know that my adventure will be coming to an end and Deb will be heading out on her last 150 miles to La Paz in just a couple more days.  It is one of those moments where you just want that image of a deserted desert beach with a couple of lone palms and the soft tunes of guitar to just remain in your memories.  A place to return where your mind can be at peace.


That night I join Deb sleeping under the stars rather then hiding in my tent.  The south eastern breeze is moist and there is a lot of dew condensing on just about everything.  The moon is one day away from full.  I sleep peacefully, listening to the sea speak in many different ways through the night.  The moon finally sets.  I partially wake up, staring up, into the sky and see nothing but stars, old friends.  I sit up and look to the east.  Venus has risen and is so bright that it reflects a silver path across the sea, the smooth ripples looking like silver bricks blinking on and off.  I can hear dolphins playing off the point.  The sky slowly begins to glow red and the horizon is halo of colors as the sun peaks and grows in the sky.

The next day, Thursday, is our laziest day.  We paddle a couple of miles back to Punta Baja where there are two planted palm trees, right on the beaches point.  I play in the rocks, looking at all the different fish.  Yellow striped, tiny blue ones, sea urchins, huge star fish.  Black dolphins swim nearby, herding fish.  Pelicans soar over their heads hoping for an easy meal.  Deb lands her boat and moves a few things up under one of the palm trees.  I hear her tuning her guitar and begin singing some folk songs.  Sweet paradise.

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