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paddle a dead calm sea

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crossing to Punta Elenora at the mid point of Danzante and paddle a dead calm sea.  All we hear are the gentle rhythms of our paddle strokes in blue green water.  The sea surface is like old glass and reflects the sky and mountains to the west.  Occasionally a fish will disturb the surface with a swell or even leap out of the water.   The tide is once again going out but we detect that slight northerly current and make our minor adjustments early in our crossing.  We reach Punta  and make a final decision on going north or south along the Island.  The northern route takes us along rugged cliffs while the southern route would take us near beaches.  We choose the northern route rationalizing that we have plenty of morning sun left, calm seas and a real opportunity to discover caves, small beaches and rock gardens.

Baja Yaker:  Dead Calm (before the storm?)

Deb and I decide that it would be best to go all the way back to the main land just in case El Norte blows in.  It would not be good for me to be caught out on the island as I would probably miss my flight home.  We chart a four mile


Deb heads for a beach while I become mesmerized by the the clear water.  I can easily see 15 feet down.  Sea urchins, a dozen variety of fish, star fish, all just below the surface.  The only water disturbance is my paddle and my kayak.  Imagine paddling on top of a giant aquarium.  It was just about as close to that as I have ever come.


We take a time on the calm seas.  Nearly two hours pass for a three mile paddle along the northeast part of Danzante.  The point on the east side is a rock garden cove where we find a place to settle our yaks in and climb out on the rocks for lunch.  Black and yellow fish come up to see what we are doing and dart away.  A few ripples lap at the rocks.  Not a breath of air.


Launching off the rocks and rounding Punta  we run into a change in wind.  It has started coming from the north.  After

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