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The wind picks up a bit.  El Norte?

Those who are willing to exchange freedom for security deserve neither. -- Ben Franklin

We beach at Playa El Quemado and chat with a woman by a camper.  Deb starts up in Spanish.  The woman sez she does not understand English which confuses the heck out of us so we explain in English that we are going to walk to the store and would like to leave our kayaks there.  We ask if she could watch them for us and she smiles and nods.

Baja Yaker:  Playing it safe

four day of southern or southeastern winds we finally get a hint that, just maybe, all the warnings were about to come true.


We take the shortest crossing route from Danzante to the mainland.  The wind picks up a bit.  The seas have a light swell and the wind had changed the glass smooth surface to a rugged, south moving march of chop.  Deb and I raft up and choose a landmark to sight on and discuss the wind and possible current.  Deciding that the wind is likely to be a larger factor we adjust our sightings

to compensate and head across the channel.


The wind holds steady.  All the chop movement gives the sensation that we are moving north and holding a northerly sighting becomes a challenge to the senses.  It doesn’t take us to long to realize that the current is actually drifting us north and we once again get fooled by the wind, sensation of movement and the current.   Experiencing this I can really appreciate the many navigation and direction finding courses that I have had over the years.


Reaching the main land we paddle along the south end of the point past the ‘waiting room’ where we run into a large tour group of two yaks  beached and many out snorkeling .  The ‘waiting room’ is a nickname for this well protected south facing cove.  It’s where you go if you know you will be holding up while an El Norte is blowing by.  Lots of fish to catch and a nice south facing protected beach.  Deb and I continue on to Playa ??? contemplating my return to Loreto strategy which is likely to be a problem that I have yet to face and have been ignoring these many wonderful days.

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