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Those who are willing to exchange freedom for security deserve neither. -- Ben Franklin

I did manage to get a few motor-icicle rides in and the roads were even dry enough to chew some of the chicken stripes off of my new front tire! 

On Christmas day my SV650 and I did a loop north to Anacortes and back down Whidbey Island crossing on the ferry to Mukilteo.  Half frozen, I crawled into the Jacuzzi and warmed up.

January, a met a few knowledgeable sport bike riders who took me through some of the foot hills, west of the cascades.  Another cold ride, but I had my Gerbing jacket and heated grips to keep me warm

I also managed a few kayaking trips.  The last day of 2005 I launched from Bell Harbor marina (Seattle water front) and did a six mile calm water paddle along the waterfront.  Seattle is  quite a site from Eliot Bay. 

I joined a small  group of crazy PSPNers  at Gig Harbor for short paddle in pouring rain and windy conditions. 
Gig Harbor is fairly protected so there was no real danger (except from Dave and Mark who were constantly _in_ the water for fun!)

I also joined Craig in Alameda CA for an estuary paddle during one of my trips back to the Bay Area.  Nice and warm (but not as warm as Baja!)

Finally, I did a Green River (WA) paddle in 5 knot currents.  Mark, our leader, let us through a mucky launch in Kent (WA) through three hours of icy cold paddling (my fingers did not work and I couldn’t feel my toes) to a pull out in West Seattle. 

All and all a pretty good winter so far!



A Loreto Kayak Expedition

On a wing and a prayer (always wanted to say that) I bought tickets to Loreto Baja and assembled a light pack of sleeping bag, tent, clothing and dry bag.  I got dropped off by a friend at Seatac (WA) and I was off, hopefully, to join my kayaking friend, Deb, in Loreto. 

I met Deb last summer at a surf zone kayaking course put on by CCK in Half Moon Bay (CA) and then again at a tides and rips course at Yellow Bluff and Angel Island (CA).  We started emailing back and forth a few times and Deb told me of her giant sojourn trip down the east coast of Baja from San Felipe to La Paz.  It would have been so cool to join her on that entire trip but alas, I am still a working stiff!  So, I suggested the next best thing:  ‘Lets meet somewhere on your way down’.   And so, after exchanging two widely spaced emails (Deb was hundreds of miles into her trip with little email access) we planned to meet in Loreto, hopefully, on February 5th. 


I had booked a room for two nights at Hotel Quinta San Francisco and could not convince a kayak outfitter to rent me a boat over the phone (a recent death of a woman kayaker had them all on edge).  So, slight chance of meeting Deb, only two nights of hotel booked, no kayak and can’t speak a lick of Spanish. Is this adventure or what!    (Pictures)

(story to come!)