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Written by Paula   
Sunday, 14 January 2007 16:02
Four brave souls put their kayaks into the water at the Power House Sunday January 14, 2007.

Dave, Sydney, Samson and Paula were greeted at the put in by a Seattle newspaper photographer who asked our permission to take some shots of us while we got prepared to launch (great, don't catch an eddy line!)  He followed us down to the rocks where we made a bucket brigade to get the yaks across the snow and ice covered rocks.  The water was warmer then the air and the rocks that were just above the water had a sheen of ice on them making for a slippery launch.  Samson and Sydney went straight into the jets and ferried accross.  Paula and Dave (both thinking its to cold to swim) took a little more of a conservative approach.

The run was delightful!  Power house was running at 2100 cfs and the drops were kind.  Sydney and Samsons decided to do a practice roll (brain freeze) and both popped up just fine.

In his lust of surfing a wave, Samson ended up running the long rapid backwards and getting flipped.  Captured on movie by Dave, Samson popped up from his second roll.  Samson repeated this down by the whirlpool clearly getting tired as it took him two tries to pop up.

We floated the rest of the way, avoiding fish poles and fishing lines, pulling out, one and all, dry and warm!



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