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Written by Paula   
Wednesday, 14 February 2007 14:10
Chris took a few of us rookies out to the Futa Monday for a taste of the big water.  We even had an audience from the fly fisherpeople.  There was some big water ferry activity and, yes I did manage to flip (and roll!).  
The big action was down stream. (pictures to come). 
This has been an awesome two weeks.  I only missed kayaking one day (that means, as of today, 2/14, I've been in a kayak ten days!
For at least two thirds of the days here the weather has been sunny and hot.  Today we have a taste of some serious rain.  Good news for the river levels.
For the record, I've been paddleing a Diesel 75.  Much larger volume then my RPM and great for challenging water but harder (for me) to roll.
Anyway, Asta lawago!
Paddling Paula!
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