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Written by Paula   
Tuesday, 06 March 2007 21:11

The heat of the day transforms into an evening chill.  The lodge is toasty warm from Pedro’s cooking.  Pedro spared nothing.  There were two huge plates of meat.  Two large bowls of noodles and three equally large bowls of different salads.  There was not a scrap left.  Looking about I realize why.  Between the 6 guides (average age 25) and the 8 guests (average age 30), the average gender (mostly guys, just Helen and I to keep them in line) its no wonder fights didn’t break out over the food!

After dinner the chatter was about where we all were from, how the kayaking is back home or, in some cases, other parts of a global trip.  Ferguson finally gets down to business

.  ‘Who is going to the disco tonight?’   Almost every guy in the place lights up.  Mike looks at me and we both grown.  ’30 hours of travel and 4 hours of sleep?  I don’t think so.’  Helen, in Brit style goes ‘Oh get out, you’ll miss the big excitement out here in the frontier’ I actually, briefly considered it ‘So, what time will we be back here?’  Ferguson goes ‘About 5 AM’  that did it  ‘not a chance, I’m gonna pass out in my nice comfy sleeping bag thank you very much’.  Mike concurs.  The rest of the group agrees to convene on the canoe ferry in half an hour.  I retire to take a few scenic pictures, set up my tent and head for the showers.

After the crowd has gone and Mike has retired, with a head lamp I head to the out door shower with my bio degradable soap, towel and some fleece to wrap my self if after I’ve cleaned up. 

Showering at night, in the dark, standing on slippery rocks is a bit tricky.  First you have to find a place to hang your head lamp so its at least of some use.  Then there is the adjusting of the hot and cold water.  The hot water is _very_ hot!  And the cold, well, you guessed it.  After a few minutes I got the hang of it and delightfully rinsed off two days of travel which included four hours of dusty dirt roads. 

Shower done, and toweled down, I decided I would check out this wood stove sauna.  Poping opent two wood slat doors with wood latches I manage to find the sauna room in the little lodge.  Hot.  Very hot.  Very dry.  In a mater of minutes all the moisture from the show has evaporated and I’m sitting naked inside hot room.  The roof is ventilated so there is plenty of fresh air coming in by the wood stove and heat rising and escaping out the roof vents.  Being a hot yoga fan and having every muscle and joint in my body nearly in spasm from the trip, no one at camp to barge in on my, I decided to spend a few minutes stretching and getting the kinks out in this sweet heat!  Yup, I can take this.  Stretched and cracked, clean and dry, I fumble my way back to my tent near the roaring Futaleufu for dreams of river running.

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