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Written by Paula Keezer   
Sunday, 19 August 2007 19:45

My good friend Craig Hightower who shared his love for motorcycles, whitewater kayaking, sea kayaking and adventures in general with so many, was killed when an SUV struck his bike while he was commuting to work.

The world has one less White Knight.

Read about Craig here:  


Craig was on his way to work Tuesday, August 14, 2007 just like any other day.  He traveled this stretch of surface road thousands of times.  As he approached the block at which he would take a right turn, an SUV struck him without warning.  He lost control of his motorcylce careening off the street, across a sidewalk and into a concrete block wall.  We all believe he died instantly. 

Craig rode motorcycles his entire life.  He raced them on race tracks.  he was the six sigma of motorcycle riders in safety and road/traffic reading abilites.  His life was taken by an inatentive driver of an SUV.

If you go into my archive site you will find many adventures I shared with Craig.  Craig's Yukon and Alaska trip was the inspiration  for my New Zealand trip .   I was introduced to Sea kayaking by Craig.  We both ventured into Whitewater kayaking together.  

I had an opportunity to share a year of my life with Craig before we went seperate ways.  To the day of his death we remained good friends.

I looked up motorcycle accident statistics involving four wheel vehicles and motorcycles.  I was alarmed, no, horrified, to find that 66% of all accidents involving cars/trucks and motorcycles were found to be the drivers fault of the car/truck.

There is nothing a motorcyclist can do if a car or truck suddenly strikes a motorcycle.  There are no 'fender benders' with motorcycles. 

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