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Written by Paula   
Saturday, 31 May 2008 21:24

Part 0: DRZ400S mods:

I got lucky when I picked this bike up in 2005.  It already had the Yosh pipe and muffler (header oversized with Yosh muffler) and the exhaust bomb.  It already had the air box opened up and was jetted and adjusted with a dyno for the entire setup.  It also came with a jell seat, Renthal bars, Aecurbus bark busters and various electrical 'enhancements'  All engine casing covers were armoured and a heavy duty skid plate was installed.  That was my starting point.  

So, what do you add to such a beast?  For adventure riding I needed to take one mod out and add a number of others.   The one I took out was the super thick fork oil that the previous owner had been using.  The front shock was way to stiff (must have been set up for jumping) and did not give me the control I wanted.  The adds are as follows:
  • Kick start kit
  • 3.9 gallon fuel tank
  • Stock fork oil (left the heavy duty springs)
  • Steel braided front brake line
  • Dakar style wind screen
  • BMW accessory connector (for heated jacket liner)
  • Free power mod (wire regulator directly to battery with #14 gauge wire)
  • Edge tail and blinkers (saves about 20 watts)
  • blinker relay mod for LED tail indicators
  • GPS tab mount
  • GPS power line
  • Volt meter (for monitoring how much juice I'm sucking down with my liner)
  • New battery
  • D606's front and back (tires)
  • Rim locks
  • 15/47 gears
  • new DID 'O' ring chain
  • Rear side racks (hugger style) for soft luggage
  • Top rack
  • Wolfman Expidition tank paniers and soft saddle bags
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