Sweet Heat
Written by Paula   
Tuesday, 06 March 2007 21:11

The heat of the day transforms into an evening chill.  The lodge is toasty warm from Pedro’s cooking.  Pedro spared nothing.  There were two huge plates of meat.  Two large bowls of noodles and three equally large bowls of different salads.  There was not a scrap left.  Looking about I realize why.  Between the 6 guides (average age 25) and the 8 guests (average age 30), the average gender (mostly guys, just Helen and I to keep them in line) its no wonder fights didn’t break out over the food!

After dinner the chatter was about where we all were from, how the kayaking is back home or, in some cases, other parts of a global trip.  Ferguson finally gets down to business
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Written by Paula   
Friday, 09 March 2007 20:07

Butterflies, dang, I hate the butterflies in my stomach.  ‘Okay, time to roll’ Julian prods me.  The lagoon is flat, clear water.  Compared to where I had flown from (Seattle), the water was even warm.  Topping it off, it was a beautiful day. ‘ Dang butterflies’.  Julian, a young blonde Argentine guide/instructor was paired off with me for my first kayak...

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Big Water
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Wednesday, 14 February 2007 14:10
Chris took a few of us rookies out to the Futa Monday for a taste of the big water.  We even had an audience from the fly fisherpeople.  There was some big water ferry activity and, yes I did manage to flip (and roll!).  
The big action was down stream. (pictures to come). 
This has been an awesome two weeks.  I only missed kayaking one day (that means, as of today, 2/14, I've been in a kayak ten days!
For at least two thirds of the days here the weather has...
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A week and I still can´t wipe the smile from my face!
Written by Paula   
Saturday, 10 February 2007 13:09

Pictures soon I promise!

It´s been an intense week.  I´ve done six days of extreme kayak training (Chris sez its a battle of will).  Spent many minutes upside down and hours playing in rapids practicing peel outs and delayed angle ferries (love them, no paddel movement).

Finally got to the class II+/III play area.  Expect to be spending some time there. 

Today was a day off of paddleing so I went on a rafting trip, class IV and IV+ on the...

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headin home!
Written by Paula   
Friday, 16 February 2007 12:31
yee ha!  Great stuff!
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