The long trip home
Written by Paula   
Saturday, 24 February 2007 22:54

I tend to get a little wacky while traveling home.  The hours of plane flight with swollen feet and the endless people watching while behind international airport security make everything seem, well, wacky.  Tens of thousands of people subjected to obsurd security measures.  No one is immune.  A fellow traveler called it sheep dipping.  It's when you find one tic on a one sheep in a thousand and decide to dip all thousand.  A bit overkill but, hey, what are our tax dollars for, certianly not for education or greenhouse gas reduction.

It was 6:30AM at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport.  I had just checked through immagration and customs to find my self, once again, outside security.  Sort of a welcome home and oh by the way, you have to go through security again.  We want to make sure, that you are not a terrorist.  I made my way to the domestic terminals and my flight back to Seattle.  Standing in the all to familiar security line, I found my self between a bunch of kids.  Kids in uniforms.  Desert fatigues.  

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Location: Futaleufu, Chile
Written by Paula   
Wednesday, 07 February 2007 04:48

Four days into the trip.  What a place! We are surrounded by mountains topped with snow.  The valley has been from 50F to 90F.  The water is between 60F and 70F. 

It took 31 hours to get my sore butt down here.  The last six were on a rubber band airplane in clouds with a ceiling of 1000ft.  Dive bomber approach to runway 13 ( whoo whoooo).  Then a three hour trip on a bumpy dirt road averaging about 35 klicks. 

I arrived thinking I was...

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Head Works on the Green
Written by Paula   
Saturday, 20 January 2007 19:30
2007_0120hdwrks0004Eight winter kayakers found their way down the Head Works on a chilly (not freezing) cold January day.  The river was running at 800cfs.   The  air temp was 40F.   And the spirits were high!
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Head Works Take 2
Written by Paula   
Monday, 29 January 2007 20:39

2007_0127hdwrks20039 Head Works was sooo much fun we decided to do a repeat on Saturday (1/27/06).  This time we had Anne, Sydney, Paula and Samson from the week before,  Rick and Toria joined us as well.  (Poor ole Dave was laid up with...

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Power House run in the Sun (ah, snow)
Written by Paula   
Sunday, 14 January 2007 16:02
Four brave souls put their kayaks into the water at the Power House Sunday January 14, 2007.
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