Baja 2007
Written by Paula   
Sunday, 25 November 2007 20:38

I heard an ad on the radio today.  It started with getting cozy and warm by a fire.  A bon fire, on  a beach in Mexico.

It was a nice reminder of a trip I just returned from.  Six nights of camping on beaches in Baja Mexico.

Pics are here

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Middle Middle 04/27/07
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Saturday, 28 April 2007 20:16

Nasty Drop after house rocks1870 cfs is pushy for this narrow river.   The Middle Middle Snow is a class III with one class IV drop.  My reading is that at 1800cfs some of the class III are into the class III+ range.  There are monster holes!

Our group consisted of Doug (our guide and amazing kayaker), the usual mugs, Katheryn, Shannon and Paula as well as Debra, Arnest and Dave.

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Monday, 26 February 2007 19:50

The rythm of my days began to take on a pleasant pattern of review, shop, pack then review again.  Such is the dance I perform as I approach a vacation departure date.  My working hours have a similar pattern, review, work, document and review.  Magically all is completed on the day before my departure.  The last bits of three small bags are tucked away and one last review of where those nasty swiss army knifes and bottles of shampoo are.  Have to make sure they are...

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Thursday, 12 April 2007 20:55

"Hey Shannon, have you seen the flow levels?"  My noisy van makes it hard to hear her say "5000 and rising".  "Think we'll still put in at the bridge?" Some garbled words and "I'll see you there".

Fifteen minutes later I'm at the Big Eddy parking lot and chatting with Mike, the leader of the trip on the Big Eddy.  Normally, the Big Eddy is a class II river with one II+ drop called Fishermens.  Last time we were down we noted a tree on river left and the the last drop into the...

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El Campo
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Monday, 05 March 2007 19:05

Eco Camp, foundly nicknamed El Campo by my newly found friend Mike.  Mike is somewhere around my age and married on a little adventure escape. He is a bit taller, 5'10", then me, light brown hair, kind face and a great, easy going disposition.  He seems in good shape, well, except for his knees which he chatted how they would need re-building if he kept up skiing so he decided to get back into kayaking. 

Mike and I were the new comers to El Campo.  El...

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