Mental Note…. Don’t wait to update!

Yup, I am in a real strange head space right now.  Much has happened in the past year, good and bad.  That is why I shouldn’t wait to update!  But enough! 

This past September I went on a three week road trip through seven western states.  It was a very, very lonely trip for me.  However, I did manage to keep my wits while on the road and had quite a few adventures!

I started out from the Motogirlies cabin run trip to the Sierras.  From there I went north to Oregon, west through Idaho, Nevada and Wyoming.  North again into Montana, south to Utah and Arizona.  I took in as much dirt and National park as I could in eighteen days.

Did I mention it was cold?  Oh yes.  Day 1 it rained and then froze on my tent.  Day 3 it was hovering at 32F in the morning then 70F in the afternoon.  Day 5 I had snow on my bike and slush on the road!  Day 7 it was 18F and even with the grip warmers and heated vest on full blast I was skirting hypothermia.  Yup, it was cold.

Oh, and did I mention it was lonely.  Wow.  Nothing like the short hops and backpacker stays I had in New Zealand last year.  Nope.  Miles and miles of dirt and desert, not a soul in sight.  Very few campers, in fact, the first night, no one was in the entire camp ground.  Conversations with  yourself kinda go like this “So, where the f@#k am I.  GPS sez 50 miles to go.  Oooh look at the clouds.  Wow really nice yellow on those trees…… oh s#!t a sand wash.”

Anyway, pictures tell the true story.  When I get into a better head space I’ll put more to words..       Paula

Strange Head Space

October 2005

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Thanks to Craig for nightly cell phone chats and moral support through the trip.  Thanks to the Motogirlies for making my first trip days so ‘entertaining’ and thanks to my son Dan and his girlfriend Maureen for taking care of my kitties and my house.


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